Orient I Ching Divination with New Casting Method

Kim Jeong-Oh | Twinkla Kisan Co., Ltd. | 2013년 09월 26일 | EPUB

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At times we encounter a three way intersection in the first time travel there. And we must choose the one way to proceed this way? or that way? At this occasion I Ching Divination will help to make a good decision. Because it will discern all the surroundings with the I Ching theory the harmonizations of Eum and Yang. I Ching originated from the time of 5 000 years ago and more. But still I Ching is the main base text of current astrologists and fortune tellers in Orient. Because I Ching is based on the Before Heaven Theory it will never be influenced from the fact that how the human culture lasted long. Because all the things of universe are the harmonizations and progressions of Eum and Yang in according to I Ching theory.


EDITOR Kim Jeong-Oh Born 1946 Seoul Korea Seoul National University Presently in Dhongwha Yugyeong Institute 2010 Fortune Today 2011 365 days Caigentan 100 Aphorisms Caigentan 2012 Golden Aphorisms Caigentan


Title Sheet
1 Preface
2 Contents
3 What is the 3 Faces of Change
4 I Ching Divination
5 Before Heaven Theory and Binary Level System
6 New Casting Hexagram Method
7 Geon
8 So Chuk
9 Su
10 Mu Mang
11 Dun
12 Son
13 Hyeok
14 Son
15 Appendix

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