Survival Korean Basic Grammar Skills

스티븐리비어 | 넥서스 ENGLISH | 2015년 08월 25일 | EPUB

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Let's Speak Korean The Korean Study Guide for Beginners Rated 4.5 Stars on ★★★★★ A Totally Innovative New Book for Learning Korean ■ Teaches Korean phonetic script through a visual method, thereby demystifying this incredibly simple writing system ■ Gives the most common and useful phrases for a newcomer to Korea ■ Provides dialogs in authentic, memorable contexts ■ Has clear English explanations and illustrative examples ■ Supplies practical cultural tips that are invaluable in understanding and respecting a nation where following cultural norms is extremely important ■ Contains study tips that give you creative suggestions on how to become skilled in the Korean language ■ Includes 2 cassette tapes that build listening skills and allow you to model natural Korean speech Everything you need to survive, and even prosper, in Korea!


저자 Stephen Revere - California Polytechnic University, Pomona, B.A. in Philosophy - Seoul National University, completed highest level of Intensive Korean Program - Yonsei University, completed highest level of Intensive Korean Program - Yonsei University Graduate School of Education, M.A. in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language (first non-Asian graduate) - Inha University, Lecturer - Hanyang University, Lecturer - Sangmyung University, Professor - Author, Survival Korean (2005) - Arirang TV’s Let’s Speak Korean and Traveler’s Korean, co-host - KBS2 행복한 밥상, reporter - KBS1 세상은 넓다, co-host - Currently CEO of 10 Media, makers of 10 Magazine, the nationwide entertainment magazine for English speakers in Korea ( and Chip's Maps, the hyper-local restaurant and area guide for Yongsan-gu ( Email:


Preface How to Use This Book Essential Vocabulary Section 1 Tenses CHAPTER 1 To be N, To not be N N예요, N이/가 아니에요 CHAPTER 2 To be A, To do N A/V여요, A/V아요, A/V어요 CHAPTER 3 Was, Did A/V였어요, A/V았어요, A/V었어요 CHAPTER 4 Be going to V A/V(으)ㄹ 거예요 CHAPTER 5 Will, Would, Could A/V A/V겠어요 CHAPTER 6 Be Ving V고 있어요 CHAPTER 7 To exist/have, To not exist/have 있어요, 없어요 Section 2 Negatives CHAPTER 8 Not A/V 안 A/V CHAPTER 9 Not A/V A/V지 않아요 CHAPTER 10 Don't V V지 마세요 Section 3 The Basic Markers CHAPTER 11 Subject Marker N이, N가 CHAPTER 12 Object Marker N을, N를 CHAPTER 13 Contrastive/Topic Marker N은, N는 Section 4 Conjunctive Particles CHAPTER 14 N and N, with N N(이)랑 N, N하고 N, N와/과 N CHAPTER 15 N or N (N or something) N(이)나 CHAPTER 16 N too/also, N either, even N도 CHAPTER 17 N's N, N of N N의 N Section 5 Postpositions CHAPTER 18 To (Person), For (Person) P에게, P한테, P께 CHAPTER 19 In/On/At/To/For N, In/On/From N N에, N에서 CHAPTER 20 I'll take N, by N, to N N(으)로 Section 6 Adnominal Endings CHAPTER 21 Adjective+Noun A(으)ㄴ N CHAPTER 22 The N(one) that Ved V(으)ㄴ N CHAPTER 23 The N(one) that (is) Ving, The N that V V는 N CHAPTER 24 The N(one) that will V V(으)ㄹ N Section 7 Showing Respect CHAPTER 25 Polite Suffix V(으)시 CHAPTER 26 Polite Ending Form V(으)세요, N(이)세요 CHAPTER 27 Vocabulary Modifications Honorific Vocabulary Section 8 Irregular Verbs CHAPTER 28 'ㅂ' Irregular Verbs CHAPTER 29 'ㄷ' Irregular Verbs CHAPTER 30 '르' Irregular Verbs CHAPTER 31 '으' Irregular Verbs CHAPTER 32 'ㄹ' omission Irregular Verbs Appendix Extension English Translation Skills Building Answer Key Basic Verb/Adjective Conjugations

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