Journalism Culture and Practice in Korea

Hyung-Cheol Kang , Pil-Mo Jung, Seung-Sun Lee, Jung-Kun Pae, Seog-Tae Shim, June Woong Rhee 외 8명 지음 | 지식을만드는지식 | 2015년 07월 27일 | EPUB

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As a collection of writings by journalism researchers who reside in Korea, this book will provide an outline of journalism in South Korea.


Part I Interventions and Press Freedom 01 The Essential Problems of Korean Broadcast Journalism as Seen through the Perspective of Restriction on Media 02 Media Law and Regulations: Legal Issues of Freedom of Expression 03 Creation and Changes of Dependency Between Daily Newspapers and Conglomerate Advertisers: From the Perspective of Resource Dependency Theory 04 Alternative Media in Korea: From OhmyNews to Newstapa Part II Values and Ethics of Journalism 05 Tendentiousness of Korean Journalism and the Problem of “the Distinction between Facts and Opinions” 06 Does Patriotism in Journalism Matter?: The Korean Hunmin Public Sphere 07 Understanding of Confucianism Behavior Ethics from the Viewpoint of Journalism Philosophy with Emphasis on Text from the Analects 08 Democracy and the Politics of Media Reform Part III News and News People 09 Towards a New Professional Journalism in Korea: Issues in the Career Models and Structures 10 Life History of Dismissed Journalists: With a Focus on the Dong-A Committee for Free Press 11 Gendered News Production and Women Journalists in Korea: A Historical Approach 12 Routinization and Transformations in Television News Formats in Korea: A Comparative Study of Four Nations’ TV News 13 Rethinking Multicultural Social Change: Immigrant Media and the Diasporic Public Sphere in Korea

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