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Suyon Shin, Jisoo Ham | 좋은땅 | 2018년 05월 16일 | PDF

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What made us to write the book:
While studying TESOL M.A. program at Ewha Womans University, we have researched various pedagogies to teach English as foreign language. Among other pedagogies, we have found out that CBI (Content-Based Instruction) would be the one of the most practical and effective method to teach foreign language, especially for young learners.
Although learning English might be overwhelming for young learners at an early stage, we wanted to give an impression that ‘Learning English can be fun’. We hope that all learners truly enjoy the process of learning English through this book.

Purpose of the book:
This book is written to guide teachers who are willing to or planning to teach young learners in English only class. Throughout this book, teachers will get creative contents to teach English using CBI method and prepare their lessons more efficiently. Students will gain opportunities to interact with classmates and teachers with the lessons in this book. The target students of this book are children around the age of 7, however, it may vary depending on the students’ language level. This book can be applied to various size of class, but most suitable for about 10 students or less. This book will provide basic vocabulary knowledge and grammar; however, has an aim to develop comprehensive language skills including speaking and writing skills. Students who complete 10 lessons in this book will be able to understand simple vocabularies and full sentence instructions in English.

How to use this book:
In order to use this book more efficiently, teachers should read the summary of the lesson plan before they prepare the lesson. Depending on the level of students, teachers should provide additional explanation or use other visual aids to enhance the quality of the lesson. Before starting the lessons, it is highly recommended for teachers to check ‘Before Reading’ section to get detailed instructions of the lesson plans. All contents are written based on PPT slides. Starting out each lesson, teachers should refer all provided sources in lesson plans and PPT slides. The use of PPT slides for each lesson is essential for productive class.

This book includes:
This book includes 10 lesson plans with summaries and worksheets for each lesson. The summary of the lesson plan informs basic information about the lesson: expected audience, lesson goals, anticipated difficulties, and materials. All lessons discuss different topics which will help students to develop their creativity and comprehension skills in various categories. In addition, each lesson will provide relatable activities and experiments to help better understand the content. All activities were conducted directly by the authors in a real classroom setting to raise reliability and minimize errors. Following photos of the activities and experiments provided by the authors will guide teachers or parents to establish a friendly CBI class environment. Worksheets used in each lesson plan are attached at the back of this book.

Contact via email shunee09@gmail.com for the request of electronic copies of worksheets or information about PPT slides sources.


Preface …4

Lesson 1 : Lalala, Maracas …9
Lesson 2 : What’s Inside a Balloon? …19
Lesson 3 : Flying a Kite …29
Lesson 4 : How is the Weather? …39
Lesson 5 : Hello, Insects …51
Lesson 6 : Our Body, Lungs …61
Lesson 7 : Under the Sea …71
Lesson 8 : Look, it’s Electricity …83
Lesson 9 : Growing Green Green …93
Lesson 10 : Bubbly Bubble …105

Worksheet …115
Lesson 1: Find Musical Instruments …116
Lesson 1: Missing Letters …116
Lesson 2: Opposite Words …117
Lesson 3: Matching the Shapes …117
Lesson 4: Weather Drawing …118
Lesson 5: Missing Letters …118
Lesson 5: Parts of an Ant …119
Lesson 6: Missing Letters …119
Lesson 7: Word Scramble …120
Lesson 8: Find Electricity …120
Lesson 8: Word Scramble …121
Lesson 9: Parts of a Plant …121
Lesson 9: What Does a Plant Need to Grow …122
Lesson 10: Which One is Denser …122

Copyrights …124

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