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Watch out for the border!
As you cross certain boundaries, doors of other dimensions open. It will guide you through a new dimension that goes beyond the boundaries of study, life, and students, parents, and teachers, and it will be a compass that will point you in the direction of school and life.

Oh Dae-kyo was not talented at studying, he was awarded '0' a math test at high school. After graduating, he took CSAT 3 times and in this process, he learned that he can study effectively on the basis of the objective data of the questionnaire. After learning these methods, he got the first place in the nation by receiving the full marks of all subjects. After that, he actually took 10 examinations in total, five times for each of the department of liberal arts and sciences. Based on his experience as a student, he is currently a star instructor for 16 years, specializes in studying CSAT, and the improvement program on CSAT has been published as a bestselling book. As for the school study and the examination method for CSAT test, it is a legend method to be able to accurately match the level of students to the level of the students.

Hwang Sun-chan has climbed the Himalayas three times, including the Boston Marathon, finished the full course marathon 7th, and completed the 250 km of Sahara Desert marathon. Believing 1% probability, he played saxophone at 4,130m in the Himalayas and even swimming in the ice of the Earth's south pole. His symbol is the depth of thought beyond boundaries and the spirit of endless challenge.
He ran out of the most stable bank he had attended for 12 years and has been working for 17 years from the bottom, choosing the most difficult sales. After taking on the challenge of his father, his cognitive daughter attended law school after obtaining a Pharmacist certificate, and his son is a candidate for ROTC while attending a nursing school. Hwang always says that he has no more deserts. Living always chooses the hardest path at the crossroads of "easy road and hard road". If you choose a hard way, you will have fewer competitors, expect to have a hard time, and choose and take over if you have difficulty. Based on the wisdom of life gained from various experiences in life, I can answer instantly any questions about the challenge and life.


Oh dae kyo
Korea's No.1 CSAT Specialist Oh Dae kyo
2004 Preliminary Examination of all the pre-college entrance examinations The first place in the nation. take CSAT 10 times (the humanities 5 times, the nature 5 times), billion won annual salary in 20's, 16-year career star instructor, Representative Oh Dae-kyo, CEO, All Education, 《30 days 1st grade improvement absolute learning method》 Donated official beach book to Nonsan Army Training Center, Journalist Education Columnist, Awarded Grand Prize of Korean People (Education Industry Division .2016).
Weekly People Member.

Lecture, contents career
150 lectures a year, (Shinhan Bank, Lotte Department Store, Prudential Life Insurance, MetLife, etc.
(Government Office) Incheon Police Agency, Gyeongju City Hall, Army Training Center, Sema High School, Young Shin Girls' High School, Uijeongbu High School, etc.
Lecture on Gwanghwamun branch, Weekly People Cover figure selection, Appearing as a lecturer for a KTV quiz show, NAVER Bestselling author in the book selection category.

Hwang Sun Chan
Youth mentor Hwang Sun Chan
Dream Messenger Lounge representative, finding dreams and achieving dreams, Himalaya climbed 3 times and played saxophone at Himalaya Annapurna 4,130m, Including Boston Marathon, Full course 7th complete, Sahara Desert Marathon 250km complete, Swimming in Antarctica, 12 years at bank, 《Youth mentor Hwang Sun-chan's cider》, 《Salesman going to Sahara》's Author. KPC(Korea Professional Coach) of coach, House of Love participated in USA, Mexico and India.

Lecture, contents career
As a mentor of youth, it is shown in MBC of Gwangju, Gyeonggi, Uijeongbu, Gangreung, Chuncheon, Yeongbong, Daejeon students, parents Career, dream, challenge lecture, 《Youth mentor Hwang Sun-chan's cider》, 《Salesman going to Sahara》 Donation of official beach book to Nonsan Army Training Center, Kyobo Bookstore Gwanghwamun Talk with students, parents, authors' vision, and mission lecture.



Chapter 1 Why do you study?

1. Why should my parents choose to do what I do not want to do?
2. Is the purpose of studying success?
3. I know the importance of studying, but I can not study well.
4. If I can not study, can not I live my life well?
5. Parents did not study, but they live well. Why do we force them to study?
6. Is not life study more important than school study?
7. Is it time to endure High school 3?
8. I keep giving up on my study plan.

Chapter 2 How do I study?

1. Do I have to plan my studies?
2. Can studying be fun?
3. I can not study well because I have no goals.
4. Do I have to study only in the reading room?
5. Why do I need to organize my notes?
6. I do not think the results are as good as my efforts.
7. Is there any way to do well on the test?
8. Do I have to make a wrong answer note?

Chapter 3 What should I study?

1. Do I have to prepare separately my own school grades and CSAT?
2. Is there a way to overcome my disadvantage of school grades?
3. Is it advantageous to have a large number of recruiters at any time?
4. How makes the timetable plan?
5. Can you really expect CSAT problem?
6. Can I study only the EBS-related textbooks?
7. Can I get grades in a short period of time?
8. Is learning problem-solving so important?

Chapter 4 Please tell me the essence of CSAT

1. It's not difficult to raise 1st grade on 30th!
2. It's fun to think about dreams when you study.
3. The hard times of high school seniors became the backbone of life!
4. I set the standard of study and the slump is gone.
5. CSAT is the answer.
6. Enjoy the wrong answers!
7. I overcame school records by CSAT!
8. I planned to study every 30 days.

Chapter 5 How should I find my career?

1. How should I find my dream?
2. What criteria should I choose a major?
3. I think the job I want will disappear into artificial intelligence. What should I do?
4. I do not know what I can do well.
5. Should I go to university according to current level? Or do I take CSAT again?
6. May the student be interested in political issues such as candlelight vigils?
7. What I want to go to is different from what my parents recommend!
8. How do you feel about dropping out of high school and take a school qualification examination?

Chapter 6 The human relationship is the most difficult

1. Can a true friendship sprout with a friend I thought of as a competitor?
2. How do I tell you that I want to reconcile with my friends?
3. Some teachers hates me for no reason.
4. I have a lot of quarrels with my parents for no special reason these days.
5. I do not like to be with my father. How can it be natural?
6. Do I get any trouble with studying when I make a girl or boy friend?
7. I have a secret crush on, How can I confess?
8. I hate that subject because I hate the teacher.

Chapter 7 Who am I?

1. I do not like the appearance, so I want to get plastic surgery.
2. What should I do to be a great person?
3. How can you be proud?
4. Do I have to endure harassment?
5. I feel shabby when I am just in front of people.
6. What should I do when I do not want to do anything?
7. What should I do with my parents ' interference?
8. How can I overcome jealousy?

Chapter 8 Listen to the worries of my life

1. Is it okay for a man to go to a nursing university?
2. Should I go to college to do webtoons?
3. I want to be an international lawyer in electronics.
4. I'm burdened with a better roommate than me.
5. Can I stay with my dad like a friend?
6. When I study, do I have to stay away from a boy or girl friend?
7. What do I do when I want to die?
8. I do not even want to think about bone marrow transplants.


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